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Kevin M Kovack

Software and Game Developer



BTech Computer System Technology


Software and Game Developer

I have always been a technology enthusiast with a passion for artistic creativity. Since I was 13 years old I have been drawing, designing logic, and building components for games. I have always loved the process of designing, building, testing and improving.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR / AR) are my calling. In February 2016 I became active in the VR / AR community. I started with and joined a few development groups. Since then, I have taken third place in an Augmented Reality Google Tango hackathon with "Chair Anywhere", demoed the HTC Vive for hundreds of people at Tribecca Film Festival 2016, submitted a Google Carboard game for Ludem Dare 36 called "Last Shot VR", and founded the Computer Science Technology Club at NYC College of Technology to help students grow their experiences with outside-of-school opportunities.

I love project management. This may be due to being a detail-oriented veteran. Making things that grow from nothing and reach their maturity is exciting to me. I've tried my hand at being a startup entrepreneur a few times. Recently, I completed NYU's 16 week Veteran Entrepreneur Training Program in December 2016. I definitely see myself as a leader but right now I'm focused on graduate school and achieving as much as I can.

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